Murray, KY – The views expressed in this commentary are those of Dr. Brian Clardy and don't necessarily reflect the views of WKMS.

Murray State History Professor and Foreign Policy Analyst Dr. Brian Clardy takes a look at the diplomacy of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Murray, KY – On Tuesday, Kentuckians cast their ballots for important statewide offices. Commentator Richard Nelson says as much as Kentucky loves college basketball, participating in our government is more important.

Murray, KY – The Calloway County Democratic Party hosts the Jefferson Jackson Dinner tonight in Murray State's Curris Center. The 7 o'clock dinner features democratic keynote speakers lieutenant governor nominee Jerry Abramson, Secretary of State nominee Alison Lundergan Grimes, Auditor nominee Adam Edelan, Incumbent Treasurer Todd Hollenbach, and Ag Commissioner nominee Bob Farmer.

Murray, KY – This Sunday is Father's Day, and if this is new information to you, it's not too late to do some last-minute shopping! Whether you're a father, soon-to-be-a-father, a father-figure or feel a paternal bond with loved ones, this commentary is for you. Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Bill Cunningham shares a special Father's Day message and his own personal guidelines for a father to follow in raising children.

Murray, KY – From now until Election Day in November, 2012, the American people will be tuned in to fundraisers, conventions, debates and dialogues with political leaders vying to be president of the United States. Commentator and foreign policy analyst Dr. Brian Clardy says he'll be listening to serious answers to his questions regarding the future of American foreign policy in this open letter to the candidates.

Welcome to the campaign trail.

Louisville, KY – The Kentucky National Guard holds a departure ceremony this Saturday for more than 1,300 guardsmen headed to Iraq. This is the largest deployment of Kentucky National Guard soldiers since WWII. Members of the 149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade leave after the ceremony for further training this summer before going overseas. The departure ceremony will be held in Freedom Hall in Louisville.