Gov. Matt Bevin

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has appointed an advisory group to study policies that will help foster children, the disabled and others get a job. 

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A powerful Republican lawmaker says a significant number in the GOP-controlled state legislature believe Gov. Matt Bevin's use of executive orders threatens their independence. 

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Governor Matt Bevin is joining state and local officials in Paducah on Wednesday to ceremonially sign the bill that effectively lifted the nuclear moratorium in Kentucky. 

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Tax experts say a Kentucky businessman who sold a home to Republican Gov. Matt Bevin could reap a benefit from the sale in the form of a large tax break.

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Kentucky's Democratic attorney general has threatened to sue the state's Republican governor for a fourth time. 

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin says a special session of the state legislature will happen after August 15.

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin says the house he bought from a friend and political appointee is worth about half what the county tax office says.

Kentucky School Boards Association via Facebook

The Kentucky School Boards Association says it has some questions about an executive order by Governor Matt Bevin. The order creates a Charter Schools Advisory Council that will help implement charters for the first time in the commonwealth.

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Kentucky's Republican governor has created an advisory council to help guide state regulators as they prepare for charter schools.

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A Kentucky city says Gov. Matt Bevin's personal house is worth less than a county appraisal that was the basis of an ethics complaint against the governor.