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Republican Gov. Bill Haslam has formed a panel to review school safety in Tennessee and recommend improvements.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has introduced bills to introduce credit-hour requirements for scholarships at higher education institutions, reform the juvenile justice system and shrink the University of Tennessee's board.

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Republican Gov. Bill Haslam on Monday unveiled his $37.5 billion annual spending plan for Tennessee. The new budget proposal for the year beginning July 1 includes $170.9 million more in overall funding compared with the current year. It also uses $216.6 million less in state money and eliminates 335 state positions, all of them open except for six.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is proposing additional money to boost education, fuel economic development, fight the opioid abuse epidemic and pad state reserves.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is scheduled to deliver his final State of the State speech.

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Tennessee is introducing a warranty for its community and technical college programs by offering free retraining if an employer says a graduate's skills set comes up short.

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Former U.S. Rep. Stephen Fincher is joining the race to succeed Republican Bob Corker in the Senate.


Gov. Bill Haslam is reinstating food stamp work requirements for most Tennessee counties starting February 1.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is traveling to Washington this week to testify in Congress.

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Republican Gov. Bill Haslam's call to remove a bust of a Confederate cavalry general and early Ku Klux Klan leader Nathan Bedford Forrest from the state Capitol building is getting its first hearing this week.