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Tempers are flaring in the Tennessee House over Governor Bill Haslam's proposal to boost transportation funding through the state's first fuel tax hike in decades.

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A bill to prevent campaign funds from being invested in private companies is headed for Republican Gov. Bill Haslam's desk.

Tennessee Lawmakers Hope to Adjourn Session This Week

Apr 23, 2012

Tennessee lawmakers are preparing for what they hope is the last week of the 107th General Assembly, but they still need to work on a range of issues including the state's annual spending plan and guidelines for teaching about gay issues in schools.  Also pending is a dispute between business groups and gun advocates over a bill seeking guarantee employees' right to store firearms their cars while at work.  House Democrats have proposed an alternate budget plan that would recognize a larger influx of revenues and make a deeper cut in the state's sales tax on groceries.  Republican House Maj