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Republican Gov. Bill Haslam's proposal to boost transportation funding through Tennessee's first gas tax hike since 1989 has survived a key House committee.


The conservative group Americans for Tax Reform is informing Tennessee lawmakers that a vote for Gov. Bill Haslam's road funding proposals will not violate their pledges to not raise taxes. 

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Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Haslam said he approves of changes to his transportation funding proposal made in the state Senate earlier this week.

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Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam's ambitious transportation plan is headed for a key vote in the House Wednesday, though lawmakers are uncertain whether the bill that would include Tennessee's first gas tax hike since 1989 can gain enough votes to advance.

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More road funding plans are emerging to rival Republican Gov. Bill Haslam's proposal that would include the state's first gas tax hike since 1989.

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Republican Gov. Bill Haslam is making the case to lawmakers that increasing the state's fuel taxes is "the right thing to do" for Tennessee's transportation needs., cropped

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam is proposing to raise the state’s tax on each gallon of gasoline by 7 cents while cutting sales tax on groceries and income from earnings on stocks and bonds. 

Oklahoma lawmakers are staring into a budget hole that's nearly $900 million deep — and they might not be able to cut their way out of it. Legislators are considering tax increases to help fund state government, and one idea is gaining traction: hiking taxes on gasoline and diesel.

Amid tumbling gas prices earlier this year, the Kentucky General Assembly created an artificial “floor” to the state’s fuel tax to try and mitigate dwindling tax receipts into the state road fund.

On Tuesday, transportation officials said recent legislative action ensured that the state didn’t miss out on about $291 million in fuel tax revenue.


A conservative non-profit group says it doesn’t want state lawmakers to freeze the state’s plummeting gas tax.