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Amid tumbling gas prices earlier this year, the Kentucky General Assembly created an artificial “floor” to the state’s fuel tax to try and mitigate dwindling tax receipts into the state road fund.

On Tuesday, transportation officials said recent legislative action ensured that the state didn’t miss out on about $291 million in fuel tax revenue.


A conservative non-profit group says it doesn’t want state lawmakers to freeze the state’s plummeting gas tax.

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Many Kentucky lawmakers are probably a bit worn out after another late night session in Frankfort Wednesday. It's become a tradition for state legislators to work a long day right before the end of the session break.

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The chair of the state Senate Transportation Committee is still confident that something will be done to adjust Kentucky’s gas tax before the legislative session ends.

But the committee chair, Sen. Ernie Harris, said it’s still unclear what a final bill would look like or where it would come from.


Concerns about Kentucky's dwindling gas tax got a full review during a Senate legislative committee Wednesday. The major worry from state lawmakers and local government leaders is how the drop in revenue effects the Commonwealth’s road construction and maintenance fund.


When they return to work next week, Kentucky lawmakers are expected to consider ways to stem a drop in state gas tax monies.

Significant declines in the price per gallon at the pump have led to a loss of revenue to maintain and build roads. 

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The head of the Kentucky Senate Transportation Committee doesn’t see much support in his chamber for freezing the state’s gas tax.  

Funds from the tax go to build new roads and bridges and finance improvements. Governor Beshear is suggesting the fee stay at the December rate, a penny and a half higher than that of January. 

Kentucky to Raise Gas Tax in July

Jun 5, 2013

Kentuckians can expect to pay a bit more at the pump this summer, due, in part, to a rise in the state gas tax. Starting July first, gasoline prices will have an extra 2.4 cents tagged on, accounting for a total of a more than 32-cent tax.

Kentucky may have to come up with new ways to pay for road construction and maintenance in the future, but revenues should be sufficient for now. At least that’s the view of the chief engineer for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s regional office in Flemingsburg.

Gas Tax on the Rise

Jun 15, 2012

Gas taxes are headed up this summer in the commonwealth. On July 1st, Kentucky’s gas tax will increase 2.1 cents per gallon.