gas prices

12:40 pm
Thu July 3, 2014

How Holiday Gas Prices Will Hit Your Pocketbook

Motorists traveling from one end of Kentucky to another this holiday period could see a differing range of gasoline prices. 

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3:43 pm
Wed June 12, 2013

Coalition Proposes Illinois Gas Tax

Illinois transit advocates are proposing a plan to fix the state's deteriorating roads through a new tax that would raise the price at the gas pump.

The Transportation for Illinois Coalition says the $800-million-a-year plan is necessary to fund needed repairs to roads, bridges and rails. The influential group is pushing legislation to replace the current 19-cents-a-gallon motor fuel tax with a 9.5 percent wholesale tax.

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Morning Cram
9:27 am
Fri June 15, 2012

the morning cram [plagiarism edition]

You know, claiming credit for someone else's work can get you into some serious trouble.

NPR reports 40,000 year old cave paintings in Spain may not have been done by homo sapiens. Neanderthals want credit given, where credit is due.

9:01 am
Fri June 15, 2012

Gas Tax on the Rise

Gas taxes are headed up this summer in the commonwealth. On July 1st, Kentucky’s gas tax will increase 2.1 cents per gallon. 

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