gambling expansion

Antoine Taveneaux, Wikimedia Commons

Kentucky's debate over casino gambling is a long standing one, but there are indications the proposal has a greater chance of hearings this year in both legislative chambers.   


The sponsor of legislation to add five new casinos in Illinois says Gov. Pat Quinn has been unwilling to negotiate a compromise. But he remains hopeful one can be reached. Democrat Rep. Lou Lang says he questions whether Quinn wants a deal before the end of the legislative session. Quinn has not met with either of the bill’s sponsors.

Quinn says "Don't Hold Your Breath" on Gambling Expansion

Jun 5, 2012

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says those hoping he’ll approve a major gambling expansion for the state shouldn’t “hold their breath”. 

Antoine Taveneaux, Wikimedia Commons

Illinois lawmakers have again approved a massive gambling-expansion plan.  The Senate voted 30-26 yesterday in favor of a proposal that creates five new casinos, a land-based site in Chicago and four more riverboat casinos. 

Quinn Says Lawmakers are Distracted by Gambling Expansion

May 22, 2012

Governor Pat Quinn says Illinois can't afford to have lawmakers distracted from crucial issues by more talk of gambling expansion. Quinn says leaders at the state Capitol sometimes "get distracted by shiny objects."