Fort Campbell

11:57 am
Fri June 22, 2012

Soldier sentenced for hiring hitman

Fort Campbell soldier Joshua Huntley will spend 11 years in prison for trying to hire a hit man to kill his ex-girlfriend. 

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9:12 am
Tue May 15, 2012

Army Opens Jobs in Combat Battalions to Women

Fort Campbell's 4th Brigade Combat Team will be among the first nine brigades in the US Army selected to test new jobs for women in combat units this week.  The move is part of a policy change and pilot program announced earlier this year to more accurately reflect how women have been serving alongside infantry units on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

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7:48 am
Thu May 10, 2012

Fort Campbell to hold annual protection exercise

Fort Campbell will hold an emergency management and anti-terrorism exercise today. Officials say the annual event will test the base's first responders, security personnel, and support agreements with outside response organizations.  

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9:29 am
Wed May 9, 2012

Fort Campbell Soldier Sentenced to Life

A Fort Campbell soldier has been sentenced to life without parole in the deaths of his estranged wife and former mother-in-law. Brent Burke was charged in the 2007 slayings of Tracy Burke and Karen Comer. He had four mistrials in civilian court in Hardin County leading charges to be dismissed. 

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8:49 am
Tue May 8, 2012

Tennessee Mom Seeks Return of Child from Dubai

A Clarksville, Tennessee mother is trying to get her husband, a former U.S. Army officer living in the United Arab Emirates, to return their 14-month-old child to the United States.  Stacy Peters was in court Monday to argue that her husband, who had been stationed at Fort Campbell, should be held in contempt for ignoring a court order to bring her daughter Caroline home to Tennessee.  

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9:33 am
Fri May 4, 2012

Clarksville Police Charge Teens in Killing of Soldier

Giovanni Johnson
Clarksville Police

Clarksville Police have charged two teenagers in the shooting death of a Fort Campbell soldier. Police found 22-year-old Specialist Taylor Hotzoglou inside his car with multiple gunshot wounds early Sunday morning. Yesterday, police announced the arrests of 18-year-old Giovanni Johnson and a 17-year-old youth. Johnson is held without bond at the Montgomery County Jail. The juvenile suspect is in the Columbia Juvenile Detention Center. The victim’s family says he had just returned from a deployment to Afghanistan.

6:42 am
Thu May 3, 2012

Soldiers Return to Fort Campbell

Sixty-five soldiers are set to return to Fort Campbell today after a yearlong deployment to Kuwait and Afghanistan. They are members of the 227th Quartermaster Company, 129th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 101st Sustainment Brigade. A welcome ceremony is scheduled at the PPC Bay A.

Morning Cram
9:25 am
Mon April 16, 2012

the morning cram [that's just, like, your opinion, man edition]

Wikimedia Commons

What would Jesus do... with the economy?

NPR reports the God-and-government debate has turned toward the Republican budget plan. Liberal religious leaders say the plan, which lowered taxes and cut services to the poor, was an affront to the Gospel — and particularly Jesus' command to care for the poor.

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Soldier Arrested
8:58 am
Mon April 16, 2012

Fort Campbell Soldier Arrested

A Fort Campbell soldier has been arrested in Georgia after a high-speed chase in connection with the fatal shooting of his wife. Army officials say they were responding to a report of a domestic dispute in on-base housing Friday when they discovered the body of the soldier’s wife. The suspect was apprehended after a chase involving Georgia State Police.  Fort Campbell officials say the suspect shot himself and was in critical condition Saturday evening. The names of the suspect and the victim are being withheld pending notification of next of kin.


Fort Campbell
5:57 pm
Fri March 2, 2012

Fort Campbell Soldiers Learn Afghan Relationship Building

Captain Searles Engages with Elder Qudus Khan
U.S. Army

A group of six Afghan men dressed in traditional long flowing garments play cards and listen to music from a small boom-box while they await their orders for the planned Engagement Training or SLE.  Role Player Qudus Khan who plays the village Elder lays out the basic reason for the training.

”When you know how to talk to an and elder, that’s where relationships start, said Qudus”

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