Fort Campbell

4:22 pm
Wed January 21, 2015

Fort Campbell Listening Session Draws Largest Crowd So Far, But No Decision

Credit Whitney Jones / WKMS

Soldiers, civilians and nearby community members all with connections to Fort Campbell are anxiously awaiting a decision from the federal government that could threaten their financial livelihood.

The Army is conducting a series of listening sessions to determine just how large cuts could be at a number of military bases, Fort Campbell being one of them. The post has already been hit once with the deactivation of a combat aviation brigade in 2014.

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6:41 am
Wed January 21, 2015

Fort Campbell Listening Session Sees Highest Turnout

Credit U.S. Army Fort Campbell, Facebook

More than 1,500 western Kentucky and northwestern Tennessee residents gathered at Fort Campbell Tuesday night to share concerns about potential cuts.

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5:36 am
Tue January 20, 2015

Fort Campbell Troop Reduction Forum is Tonight

Credit Fort Campbell photo

With the possibility of troop reductions at Fort Campbell looming overhead, community leaders are urging for a high turnout at Tuesday’s public listening session. 

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4:48 pm
Wed January 7, 2015

Hopkinsville Leaders Urge Congress to Block Possible Troop Reductions at Fort Campbell

Credit U.S. Army Photo,

The city of Hopkinsville is showing its support for keeping Fort Campbell troop levels where they are with a symbolic resolution.

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1:45 pm
Tue December 30, 2014

Fort Campbell Schedules Listening Session Ahead of Possible Troop Reductions

With possible troop reductions looming at Fort Campbell, officials there have organized a community listening session set to take place next month.

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1:29 pm
Thu November 20, 2014

Dept. of Defense Decides to Deactivate 159th CAB

Credit Facebook - 159th Combat Aviation Brigade

The Department of Defense has decided to deactivate the 159th Combat Aviation “Thunder” Brigade from Fort Campbell Army Base as part of its Army Aviation Force Restructure.

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4:11 pm
Tue November 11, 2014

Christian County Chamber Prepares for Potential Military Cuts, Hires New Military Affairs Director

Credit Christian County Chamber of Commerce / Facebook

The Christian County Chamber of Commerce has extended an offer to its next military affairs director as it prepares for potential cuts.

Chamber President and CEO Marian Mason says Katie Lopez will start Nov. 17, almost two months after Kensley Marcus left the position. Lopez has served as regional coordinator with Fort Campbell’s In Gear Career and as co-director at the Southern Kentucky Veteran Council.

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2:26 pm
Wed October 29, 2014

Fort Campbell Halloween Decorations Draw Claim of Racism

This Halloween display that appears to portray the lynching of an African American has been taken down by Fort Campbell Authorities.
Credit Clarksville Now (

Fort Campbell officials say an offensive Halloween display at an on-post residence has been removed. Authorities responded to a report yesterday of decorations that depict what appears to be the lynching of an African-American family.

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6:27 am
Tue October 21, 2014

Whitfield Calls For Travel Ban


Kentucky U.S. Representative Ed Whitfield has asked President Barack Obama to call for an immediate travel ban from West African countries affected by Ebola. Whitfield says recent events have tragically demonstrated how U.S. transportation networks can serve as conduits for dangerous pathogens.  

“Ebola appears to be spreading even within the hospital setting, we should not delay in taking action to prevent individuals carrying the virus from traveling to our country,” Whitfield said . “A concise and immediate travel ban for such individuals who live in or have traveled from certain West African countries is necessary to ensure the safety of the American people.” 

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10:25 am
Fri October 10, 2014

Some 101st Airborne Troops Fear Ebola More Than Enemy Fighters

Lance Dennee WKMS

One of the military’s most heavily deployed Army divisions since 9/11 is prepping for a mission where flack jackets will do very little and rubber gloves save lives. The 101st Airborne leaves for Liberia over the next few weeks. And soldiers say in some ways, Ebola is a more intimidating enemy than insurgents.

“I mean, it’s nice that we’re not worried about getting shot at. But the threat is everywhere now,” says Spec. Cody Adams, an MP who got back from Afghanistan a year ago.

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