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Murray State University

Katherine Farmer has been named Murray State University’s next Faculty Regent, as hers was the only name submitted for nomination.  

Farmer currently serves as director of the Curriculum Materials Center, Education Research and Instruction Librarian and Vice President of the Faculty Senate.  

Murray State University President Randy Dunn will attend an open forum today Tuesday.

The Faculty Senate and Staff Congress are hosting the special meeting from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Curris Center Theater where Dunn will answer questions. 

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Murray State University’s Board of Regents Chairman Constantine Curris says he’ll attend a special meeting of the Faculty Senate and Staff Congress tomorrow.

Both of those organizations have voiced concerns about the board’s decision against renewing President Randy Dunn’s contract. The Faculty Senate and the Staff Congress both issued resolutions of support for the President.

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Some Murray State faculty members are in the early stages of starting a local chapter of an educators union following a Board of Regents vote against extending current president Randy Dunn’s contract.

MSU’s Faculty Senate previously issued a letter to the board supporting a new contract for Dunn.

English Professor Kevin Binfield hosted a small group of faculty members Tuesday for officer elections to form a local chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).  Binfield says forming the union may strengthen faculty voices.

Curris responds to MSU Faculty Senate resolution

Nov 19, 2012

Murray State’s Board of Regents Chairman Constantine Curris says the board must collectively respond to a MSU faculty Senate resolution supporting President Randy Dunn and asking for the board to take action on Dunn’s contract.