Illinois lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are calling on the state’s top auditor to take leave after learning he’s been questioned by federal officials.  

In a letter addressed today (Thurs),  Republican Rep. Grant Wehrli demanded that Auditor General Frank Mautino provide answers regarding campaign expenses incurred during his time in the state House.

A Congressional ethics probe released Monday has determined there is “substantial reason to believe” that U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield violated “House rules and standards of conduct” by having lobbying contacts with his wife and permitting his wife to have lobbying contacts with his staff.

Gov. Pat Quinn's ethics proposal outlined in his State of the State speech is raising eyebrows. His idea is to ban Illinois lawmakers from voting on anything that might help them personally. But there are questions about the proposal’s targets and if it's necessary when Illinois has to deal with major financial problems. Others question if Quinn is laying groundwork for re-election. He dismissed those questions Thursday, saying it's long been his priority. But some lawmakers say they were confused by the timing. Especially because Quinn didn't focus heavily on his goal of overhauling pensions and Illinois traditionally enacts reforms after scandal.