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As Kentucky lawmakers this week work to deliver a two year state budget, another spending plan will also be high on the priority list.   Legislators also have to finalize a budget for the state's roads.  

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The chair of the state Senate Transportation Committee is still confident that something will be done to adjust Kentucky’s gas tax before the legislative session ends.

But the committee chair, Sen. Ernie Harris, said it’s still unclear what a final bill would look like or where it would come from.

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Child safety advocates have long sought modifications to Kentucky's vehicle booster seat law. 

It appears such a change is headed toward final passage in the General Assembly.  Current law requires children under age seven who are between 40 and 50 inches tall ride in a booster.

The Kentucky legislature is working to keep up with relatively new online ride-sharing services.

The House Transportation Committee Tuesday approved a Senate measure which impacts the ride-sharing companies Lyft and Uber.

The state senate's approach to building and maintaining roads and bridges across the Commonwealth is moving forward.  The state senate adopted the six-year road plan Wednesday.

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