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A commission that watches over the Ohio River's health across six states may give up setting pollution standards for the waterway, raising concerns it would weaken protections for a source of drinking water for 5 million people.

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

The Kentucky Emergency Management says severe storms producing heavy rainfall and tornadoes Saturday night caused flash flooding and property damage to homes and businesses. Some areas in the region were hit more directly than others. 

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Sheriff's offices in several counties in the region are reporting trees, utility poles and lines down in the wake of Saturday's storms. Flooding issues are being reported region wide. Some structure damages and injuries have been reported.

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The National Weather Service in Paducah says showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop Friday night. Heavy rainfall and worsening flood conditions can be expected.

1.5 to 2 inches of rainfall is expected between this evening and Saturday night. It will include a chance of thunderstorms and could increase flooding potential after the 4 to 6 inches of rain that fell this week.

The fishing industry has long been hard to monitor. Its global footprint is difficult even to visualize. Much fishing takes place unobserved, far from land, and once the boats move on, they leave behind few visible traces of their activity.

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Kentucky wildlife officials are proposing to allow hunters to kill hundreds more sandhill cranes in the state each year.

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The Kentucky Division of Water is offering funding for projects protecting water resources. Projects can include cleaning up polluted streams, rivers, lakes and groundwater.

Kentucky Emergency Management Area 1 Office

Emergency management officials in west Kentucky say people should be mindful of quick-flooding during two storms this week.

The National Weather Service is expecting between five to seven inches of rain through Sunday.

NOAA Paducah, weather.gov

The west Kentucky region is expected to get two rounds of heavy rainfall this week. 

Animals that live in the ocean communicate with sound — humpback whales, for example. But these voices could soon be drowned out by powerful sonic booms from vessels searching for oil and gas.