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A freeze warning is in effect for the Four Rivers Region tonight. Temperatures drop down to the upper 20s to low 30s. 

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Illinois will resume sending residents vehicle emissions test notices after it stopped in December due to the lack of a state budget. 

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Murray, Mayfield, Paducah, Hopkinsville and Clarksville lead urban centers in the Four Rivers Region for possible lead contamination according to a new online map


In its first One-Year Seismic Hazard Forecast, the United States Geological Survey indicates an increased short-term risk for natural earthquakes in the New Madrid seismic zone for 2016. The forecast is also the first to show potential ground-shaking hazards from both human-induced and natural earthquakes.

What Did Life 'After Coal' Look Like In Wales?

Apr 6, 2016

Eastern Kentucky has lost nearly 10,000 coal industry jobs in the past eight years, and the region is in the midst of a conversation about economic transition.

Decades ago, the Welsh coalfields underwent a similar evolution.

There, in the 1980s, the coal mining areas of Wales collapsed. More than 20,000 people lost their jobs in just five years. But since then, locals have moved the area away from coal, and the region’s economy has rebounded somewhat.

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Anything is possible, but it seems unlikely that a Senate bill to abolish state mine safety inspections will pass the General Assembly this year. Legislators are scheduled to return to Frankfort next week for one day before concluding this year’s regular session.


Update: Audio added of our Sounds Good interview  with Maggie Morgan, Basin Coordinator for the Jackson Purchase Foundation, speaking about the Four Rivers Watershed Watch and its need for volunteers. The Four Rivers Watershed Watch is a coordinated campaign of water quality monitoring, skills development, and advocacy.

TVA Approves Solar Power Proposals

Apr 4, 2016
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The Tennessee Valley Authority has approved proposals for new solar power installations by four local power companies in three states. 


An investigation into an accident that killed a coal miner in Western Kentucky last year found he was crushed after workers propped up an 18-ton machine with a stack of wooden boards that gave way.  

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Widespread lead contamination in Flint, Michigan is prompting Kentucky officials to double check state procedures.

A state workgroup has been formed to assess Kentucky’s water system.