The Tennessee Valley Authority has finished a trial in which environmental groups accuse the utility's power plant outside Nashville, Tennessee, of illegally polluting the Cumberland River with coal ash. 

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Warming temperatures could have an effect on eagles in western Kentucky. John Pollpeter is Lead Naturalist at the Land Between the Lakes Woodlands Nature Station. He said climate change is a factor in determining species population.

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One of the Trump Administration’s first actions was to freeze all grants issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The freeze only lasted about a week. But as Glynis Board of the Ohio Valley ReSource reports it brought attention -- and uncertainty -- to an EPA program that has pumped billions of dollars into the region.

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Congress is enacting a little-used provision this week to turn back Obama-era regulations on coal mining near streams. The House of Representatives is expected to vote Wednesday on legislation that would block the Stream Protection Rule, and the Senate is expected to do the same Wednesday evening or Thursday.

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  The Homeplace 1850s Farm in Land Between the Lakes is commemorating the 155th anniversary of a Civil War battle in far western Kentucky and northwest Tennessee this weekend.


Environmental groups are taking the Tennessee Valley Authority to trial over whether coal ash from its coal-fired power plant near Nashville, Tennessee, polluted the Cumberland River in violation of the Clean Water Act. 

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Drinking water from the tap is an exercise in trust that most of us take for granted. But in Martin County, Kentucky, prolonged problems with the water system have many residents worried that their health is at risk. Benny Becker of the Ohio Valley ReSource has the story of how a community in coal country lost faith in both their water and their government. 

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Water contamination issues in Madisonville are under control according to the Kentucky Division of Water.

There have been no executive orders yet to undo President Barack Obama's signature climate plan, but many officials and environmental groups consider it as good as dead. The Clean Power Plan is on hold while a legal battle plays out, and even if an appeals court upholds it — a decision could come any day — the Trump administration is likely to appeal to the Supreme Court.

The state of New York decided to forge ahead anyway. Like a number of other mostly liberal states, it is continuing with efforts to drive down the carbon emissions that drive climate change.

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A species of fish will soon be eradicated from the lake in Paducah’s Noble Park. Shad is a native baitfish common to reservoirs across Kentucky and is prone to disturbing the populations of bass and bluegill, which coordinator of the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife FINs program Dane Balsman said are the species people want to keep in small lakes. Balsman said though a few other fish might be lost in the process, the use of the chemical Rotenone will only eradicate the Shad.