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Crews are preparing for the explosive demolition of the Old Lake Barkley Bridge on the morning of April 11. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet said in a release on Monday the demolition team has begun cutting steel at key locations to weaken the structure. 


     The Tennessee Valley area is rich with wildlife, nature, and sites of historical and archeological significance. To keep these areas in good condition, the Tennessee Valley Authority founded an outreach program that allows members of the community to aid in the preservation of these public lands. 

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  The City of Paducah is encouraging residents to setup their own rain gardens in an effort to help reduce storm water runoff.

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Chicago-area veterinarians are warning pet owners about some common items found around the Easter and Passover holidays.

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The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission has recommended extending the deer season for some hunters to 16 days, along with other changes to help thin the state's herd.

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Researchers from around the world are meeting in Tennessee for a conference about how humans and bears can safely coexist.

The endangered North Atlantic right whale population took a big hit last year with a record number of animals killed by fishing gear entanglements and ship strikes. Now, an ongoing debate over threats posed by Maine's lobster industry is gaining new urgency as scientists estimate these whales could become extinct in just 20 years.

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  Kentucky solar advocates want state regulators to consider the benefits of residential solar, but they say that won’t happen under the latest version of a net metering bill under consideration in the state General Assembly.

Dog lovers rejoice: You now have another excuse to share pictures of your pups.

Today is National Puppy Day, as declared by holiday founder Colleen Paige and thousands of Twitter users, who made #NationalPuppyDay a trending hashtag on Friday.


  Dozens of chemicals that can affect the fertility of humans and animals are being found in the air near unconventional oil and gas development, according to a new study.