elk and bison prairie

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

Land Between the Lakes has reversed its decision to open the Elk and Bison Prairie during the solar eclipse.

wstera2 / Flickr (Creative Commons License)

A portion of Land Between the Lakes’ Bison are destined to leave the pastures of the elk and bison prairie this winter.

The Forest Service will hold a public auction in January to reduce the size of the bison herd by 38. Mostly calves and yearlings are slated for sale, along with a few bulls, cows, and heifers.

Autumn at LBL's Elk & Bison Prairie

Sep 5, 2013

As we move into fall it’s a good time to hear about the environment of the Elk & Bison Prairie and what the animals are doing now. We visit with Land Between the Lakes Wildlife Technician Curtis Fowler for an update on the animals in the preserve. The 700-acre enclosure is home to elk, bison, and several other animals with free-roaming access. Visitors can enjoy the area on a 3.5-mile loop road, with interpretive spots along the way to learn more about their ecosystem. Click here for more about the Elk & Bison Prairie.

Extra Water Keeps LBL Animals Cool

Jul 30, 2012

Land Between the Lakes wildlife management workers say extra water is keeping their captive animals cool. LBL manages over 100 bison and around 35 elk, as well as numerous species at its Nature Station. Wildlife technician Curtis Fowler said so far the bison and elk are doing well in the heat