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The Bridge
3:10 pm
Wed March 28, 2012

Federal Funds to Help Bridge Repairs

The US Department of Transportation will award a $9 million dollar grant to the Kentucky for repairs to the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge. Kentucky 1st District US Representative Ed Whitfield says the grant is authorized under the Emergency Relief program within the Federal Highway’s Administration. Whitfield says the money will help to restore the span crossing Kentucky Lake in a timely manner.  Governor Steve Beshear says repairs should be complete by the Memorial Day holiday weekend or the contractor performing repairs faces hefty fines. 

The Bridge
8:57 am
Wed March 21, 2012

Engineering Work Begins on Eggners Ferry Replacement Span

Angela Rowlett

The contractor hired by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to replace a missing span on the US 68/KY 80 Eggners Ferry Bridge at Aurora has started detailed engineering and design work required for production of steel needed for the repair.

 A 322-foot span was knocked off the bridge on the evening of Jan. 26, when struck by the 8,200-ton cargo ship Delta Mariner. The crash severed an important link in the region’s economy.

 Hall Contracting of Kentucky was the low bidder for a contract to build a replacement span and reopen the bridge by May 27 – on Memorial Day weekend .

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The Bridge
7:30 am
Thu March 1, 2012

Is it Egner, Eggner or Eggner's: History of the Ferry Across KY Lake

Egner's Ferry

The Eggners Ferry bridge has spanned the Tennessee River since 1932, but the ferry from which it acquired its name opened in the 1800s under the ownership of a calloused man named Milton. Phillip Egner, more commonly known as Dean, traced his ancestry to the ferry owner. Dean said Milton ran the ferry from the 1840s until 1878, when he sold the business to one or two of his children. Dean said he knew little about the man other than Milton’s business endeavors and his reputation.

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The Bridge
4:23 pm
Fri February 24, 2012

Beshear Signs Executive Order for Emergency Funding

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is seeking federal highway funds through a disaster declaration to aid in restoring traffic across Kentucky Lake in Marshall County. The declaration allows the Kentucky Transportation cabinet to seek federal funds.  KYTC public affairs officer Chuck Wolfe says the state won’t wait on emergency funds to continue work to restore traffic.

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The Bridge
10:26 am
Thu February 23, 2012

Time Frame Unclear for Kentucky Lake Ferry

Almost a month after a cargo ship collision brought down part of the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge, area residents are still waiting to see what will be done to restore the crossing.  State officials are considering a ferry service to move traffic across Kentucky Lake.

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Afternoon Update
4:31 pm
Fri February 17, 2012

Afternoon Round-Up 2/17/12

Delta Mariner's collision with the Eggner's Ferry Bridge last month.
Chad Lampe

An inspection of the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge piers has revealed no major damage despite being hit by an 86 hundred ton cargo ship in January.




Kentucky Politics:

A Senate bill that would give county governments more control over constables could have enough support to become law.

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4:23 pm
Fri February 17, 2012

Bridge Piers Not Damaged

An inspection of the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge piers has revealed no major damage despite being hit by an 86 hundred ton cargo ship in January. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Secretary Mike Hancock says results of the emergency inspection were encouraging, and meant they were getting closer to repairing the damaged span. Governor Steve Beshear said during a press conference this week the KYTC is moving toward the use of a ferry service during the several months it will take to install a replacement span.

Morning Cram
8:24 am
Thu February 16, 2012

the morning cram [face it, we're younger and faster...edition]

…face it, I’m older and have more insurance.

NPR reports as economic struggles have kept more people from retiring, and brought many out of retirement, age discrimination claims are up. But it’s tough to prove.

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4:14 pm
Wed February 15, 2012

Beshear Considers Ferry Service

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear says state officials are aggressively searching for options to accommodate traffic at the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge.  The Governor says he expects inspection reports to be ready within the next couple of weeks to help clearly layout a timeline for whichever options are deemed best. He says though, at this point, it looks like one of the quickest options may be establishing a ferry service at the site:

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The Bridge
1:21 pm
Wed February 15, 2012

Governor Says Restoring Traffic Accross Kentucky Lake a Priority

From the office of the Governor:

Gov. Steve Beshear today took a firsthand look at the damaged Eggners Ferry Bridge and said getting traffic restored across Kentucky Lake is among his highest priorities.

“We are keenly aware of the inconvenience for travelers and the economic hardship that has been created for many business owners because of the sudden loss of this route across Kentucky Lake,” Gov. Beshear said. “Our engineers are working non-stop on plans to get traffic safely restored.”

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