eggners ferry bridge

Delta Mariner to Pass Under Eggner's Ferry Bridge Tonight

May 18, 2012
Chad Lampe

The cargo ship The Delta Mariner is expected to pass under the bridge around 6 tonight. This is the first time the ship will pass under the bridge that it mangled since the new span has been in place.  

Bridge Work on Schedule

May 17, 2012

Work continues today on the US 68/KY 80 Eggners Ferry Bridge  at Aurora. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesman Keith Todd says workers have made significant progress in placing concrete forms and setting rebar on the new span. 

Bridge Span Installed Today

May 15, 2012
Lyon County Judge Executive's Office

Massive Cranes are hoisting the replacement span for a portion US 68/KY 80 Eggners Ferry Bridge into position. Kentucky Transportation cabinet spokesperson Keith Todd says the 300 foot span is currently suspended six feet above the road bed and being lowered into place.  Once the span is in position, a crew will install reinforcing steel and concrete forms to allow workers to pour a new concrete deck on the structure sometime over the next 12 days. The bridge has been closed since January 26th when a cargo ship struck and collapsed the 300 foot section.

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Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

A replacement span for a collapsed portion of the US 68/KY 80 Eggners Ferry Bridge is now at the bridge site. A 3-barge flotilla took just over 5 hours yesterday to navigate the 30 miles from the Eddyville Riverport, down Lake Barkley, through the LBL Canal, and up Kentucky Lake. 

Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White

A flotilla carrying the replacement span of the Eggners Ferry Bridge and two massive cranes will complete its trip tonight.

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Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Kentucky Transportation Officials say it will likely be sometime today before the new span for the Eggners Ferry Bridge and the two cranes required to lift it into place can be moved from the Eddyville Riverport to the bridge site.