You can see satire almost anywhere including, parody songs, late night television and magazines.

But there's a long history to this form of comedy and mockery. There's a new book that dissects the history and impact of satire and its author is Murray State English and Philosophy Professor Rusty Jones.

Fellow Faculty Member Andy Black speaks with Dr. Jones about the book titled: "Satire in the Elizabethan Era: An Activistic Art."

Dr. Bob Davies, Murray State University

The Murray State University Racers Men's Basketball team is in San Diego preparing for the NCAA game on Friday. President Bob Davies is also in San Diego representing the university. This week, Matt Markgraf spoke with Davies about the trip, plans to rebuild Richmond Residential College, how the university is working to address budget pressures and a scholarship to honor a victim of the Marshall County High School shooting.

Murray High Students 'Tired of Being Afraid' Join National Walkout

Mar 14, 2018
Isaac Gallimore

Students across west Kentucky are joining the national protest this week demanding stricter gun laws and an end to school massacres. Murray High is just 30 miles from Marshall County, where a shooter took the lives of two 15-year-olds in January. Murray student 17-year-old Isaac Gallimore spoke with classmates about their decision to ‘walk out’ and speak out.

Updated at 10:20 a.m. ET to reflect growing number of walkouts

Seventeen-year-old Egzona Rexhepi and many of her classmates in Boise, Idaho, will join students at schools and universities across the country as they walk out of their school Wednesday to protest gun violence.

Wednesday morning, at 10 o'clock, students at schools across the country will walk out of their classrooms. The plan is for them to leave school — or at least gather in the hallway — for 17 minutes. That's one minute for each of the victims in last month's school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

The walkout has galvanized teens nationwide and raised big questions for schools about how to handle protests.


  The Kentucky General Assembly is considering legislation requiring high school students take a financial literacy course before graduation. The House Bill is now up for a vote in the Senate.

Tre’ Sexton, Courtesy Bluegrass Solar

Arlie Boggs Elementary sits between Kentucky’s two tallest mountains in a remote area that once had a booming coal economy. Ten years ago there were over a thousand coal miners employed here in Letcher county. Today, there are just 28.

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Betsy DeVos' busy week

On Tuesday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos tweeted a black-and-white photo of a classroom taken decades ago next to a modern stock photo of a classroom. "Does this look familiar?" the tweet began. In both pictures, desks were lined up in straight rows, facing a teacher standing at the front of the classroom.

Council on Postsecondary Education

The President of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education is retiring. 

Matt Markgraf, WKMS

Murray State University faces a $7.2 million budget shortfall this fiscal year. Vice President for Finance and Administration Jackie Dudley shared the numbers at a Board of Regents meeting on Friday.