Let's begin with a choice.

Say there's a check in the mail. It's meant to help you run your household. You can use it to keep the lights on, the water running and food on the table. Would you rather that check be for $9,794 or $28,639?

It's not a trick question. It's the story of America's schools in two numbers.

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A search committee has been formed to find a new president of West Kentucky Community and Technical College.  

Barbara Veazey announced her June 30th retirement last month after 14 years in the position.  

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Murray State University will be taking a closer look at retention rates of female faculty in the Sciences. The National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE  program has awarded $250,000 dollars to Murray State University to research national trends indicating women tend to leave the professorate at higher rates than men.  

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The number of Kentucky high school seniors going on to pursue bachelor’s and associate’s degrees has remained steady, according to a new data from the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics. 

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Kentucky's university and college presidents met Wednesday evening with Governor Matt Bevin and state legislators to discuss the budget impasse. The main roadblock between the House and Senate is the proposed funding cuts to higher education.

Hopkinsville Community College

Civil Rights activist Joan Trumpauer Mulholland has been chosen for the Inaugural Breathitt Lecture at Hopkinsville Community College. 

Murray State University

This story was originally published April 5.

As Murray State University anticipates a finalized Kentucky state budget and possible cuts therein, MSU President speaks with Todd Hatton on Sounds Good about how the university is already tightening its belt.

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The Calloway County School Board is considering outsourcing custodians to reduce spending and increase efficiency. Graves County Schools Head Custodian Matthew Powell is leading an effort against the possible effort. He says the county could save $130,000 a year by outsourcing but that they will regret it.

Tenn. Standardized Testing to be Scaled Back

Apr 5, 2016
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Tennessee's top education official has announced that students will be spending less time taking standardized tests next year. 

When parents suffer depression, there can be a ripple effect on children. Kids may become anxious, even sad. There may be behavior problems. Health may suffer.

Recently, a large Swedish study showed that grades may decline, too, when a parent is depressed.