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A Harvard University economics professor says universities are responsible for seeking ways to benefit all citizens in their college towns. 

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Tennessee education officials believe nearly 10,000 assessment tests across the state were scored incorrectly.

Shohei Yamaoka, Kyoto University

A University of Kentucky professor is among a group of international scientists that recently became the first to sequence Marchantia polymorpha, or the common liverwort.

Dr. Bob Davies, Murray State University

Murray State University will see a $4.5 million dollar increase in pension obligations if state legislators can’t come up with a plan in a special session expected this fall. That’s according to President Bob Davies in a letter to faculty and staff today on Monday.

For college freshmen who left home for the first time this year, learning to live with a roommate may be one of the easy challenges. For many, this is also the first time they will schedule medical appointments, fill prescriptions, and make decisions about their own health care. Unfortunately, many students aren't prepared to meet these basic life challenges. But with a little planning and parental guidance, college can be an opportunity for young adults to learn how to stay healthy and figure out how to get the right care when they are ill.

Read U of L’s Letter To Pitino On ‘Just Cause’ Firing

Oct 6, 2017
J. Tyler Franklin, WFPL

University of Louisville Interim President Gregory Postel cited “a pattern and practice of inappropriate behavior” in notifying basketball coach Rick Pitino his contract is being terminated.

There are nearly 700,000 people in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, and Thursday is the final deadline for them to renew their DACA status, which the Trump Administration announced would be discontinued unless Congress steps in to save it.

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The Kentucky Board of Education has drafted a set of proposed regulations to govern charter schools, after revisions proposed by a new advisory board appointed by Gov. Matt Bevin.

U of L Could Lose Bond Rating In Wake Of Hoops Scandal

Oct 5, 2017
J. Tyler Franklin, WFPL

  The University of Louisville and its foundation could see their credit ratings pummeled as the basketball scandal’s fallout continues.

Fred Rogers, the beloved children's television host, used to tell a story about when he would see scary things in the news as a child. His mother would reassure him by saying: "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."

Lately, there's been a surfeit of scary news: Charlottesville, Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and now Las Vegas.