Paducah, KY – I was sitting at my computer, writing a post for my blog, of course listening to WKMS, when I heard the news. WKMS, our own WKMS, would soon be carrying Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

I shook my head like a big wet dog. I couldn't believe my ears!

MURRAY, KY – I am absolutely outraged that WKMS is dropping classical music from its primary station. It's wrong and it's a betrayal of our mission as a public university to bring culture to the people of Western Kentucky. But no decision is final. We can fight this one and we must!

I fight in the name of my friend, Nathaniel.

Murray, KY – Last Saturday, while I was celebrating Commencement with my Murray State colleagues, I was thinking about beginnings and endings. I love the word Commencement: the name for the end of a college or high school or middle school or kindergarten or preschool career identifies that event not as an end, but as a beginning.

Murray, KY – I had to drive myself to Toledo, Ohio last week.

I got an early start, for me, and was cruising down I-24 listening to Morning Edition. Enjoying the familiar voices of Steve and Renee, Todd and Kate. And then. There I was on the exciting Western Kentucky Parkway and Oh, ugh. The further I went, the more WKMS got staticky but I refused to give up. Got to the point where I could only hear about every tenth word, but I would NOT TOUCH THAT DIAL and then it was just gone.


Murray, KY – When I moved from New Jersey to Kentucky twenty-one years ago, friends sent me sympathy cards. They thought I'd be isolated, out of the main stream, and warned of the usual southern stereotypes: No more merlot, just moonshine. Toss out the business suits and replace them with flour sack dresses. Start using words like "yall", phrases such as, "I reckon." It wouldn't be long, they swore, that I'd be saying, "I'm fixin' to go Wal-mart."

Of course, they were wrong.

Murray, KY – My name is Rusty Jones. I'm an English professor at Murray State University and a recent transplant to Kentucky.

Murray, KY – Every month, WKMS News Director Chad Lampe speaks with Murray State University President Dr. Randy Dunn. Today, we'll hear about controversy over state Senator Joey Pendleton and what steps Murray State will take to survive and thrive in tough economic times.

The Uses of History

Oct 5, 2008