Paducah, KY – Dr. Nancy Moore Waldrop is Superintendent of McCracken County Public Schools. In the first of a series of commentaries about what's happening in education, Dr. Waldrop says we "cannot afford to stop pushing" students to learn.

Another school year is upon us. It's an exciting time full of change, full of promise. There is nothing static about education at any level in your local schools big and important things are happening.

Murray, KY – WKMS Station Manager Kate Lochte has an update on federal funding for public media:

As you are most likely aware, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed H.R. 1, the Continuing Budget Resolution that eliminates federal funding for public broadcasting. We anticipated this outcome and have already implemented a strategy to preserve federal funding for public service media as the bill heads into the Senate. Early next week the Senate will begin work on its version of the bill.

Murray, KY – Kentucky's Revenue Receipts continue to climb, but State Budget Director Mary Lassiter suspects that growth to be tempered in the coming months. The initial positive news of growth has many state institutions wondering about renewed funding. Today in their monthly conversation, Chad Lampe speaks with Murray State President Dr. Randy Dunn about MSU funding in this budget climate along with campus safety, and this year's presidential lecturer Ben Stein.

Murray, KY – The decade is coming to a close and futurist Ivan Potter says that the first years often define a century. With education issues the focus of many political arguments, Potter believes that it will grow be as significant as some of America's largest social movements of the 20th century.


Murray, KY – On the Q&A, Chad Lampe welcomes back Murray State President Dr. Randy Dunn for their monthly conversation about all things Murray State. They discuss the new MSU imperative directed toward innovation, enrollment challenges and accounting issues facing students early this semester.

Murray, KY – When WKMS began in 1970, Murray State University envisioned that it would spread the word about higher education in the region to a much wider audience, and WKMS continues to serve as the University's beacon for lifelong learning, with your steadfast support. Thank you.

Murray, KY – Chad Lampe and Murray State President Dr. Randy Dunn sit down for their monthly conversation. They discuss Murray State's potential domestic partner benefits policy, the appointment of a new provost, and tuition rates.


Murray, KY – Universities across the United States and the Commonwealth of Kentucky have either adopted or shown interest in a controversial measure allowing domestic partnership benefits to their employees. Commentator Richard Nelson says Kentucky's academic institutions should stick to education, not "social engineering."

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