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This time next year, charter schools will be opening for the first time in Kentucky. A new law will let local school boards and the mayors of Louisville and Lexington contract with private groups to create the alternative schools in their communities.

Old Kentucky Tales Episode 9: Look Out! Henry Clay’s Got a Gun!

Jul 27, 2017
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In this episode of Old Kentucky Tales, we will look at tax reform past and present in our “Yesterday’s News” segment, and for our “Main Event” we will examine how one witness described Henry Clay’s involvement in a duel. Special Thanks to our Sound Engineer Todd Birdsong, the Paducah School of Art and Design, and WKMS.

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A group of Kentuckians tasked with setting up a framework for charter schools to operate is officially down to work.

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McCracken Preschool recently received a $150,000 grant from the Kentucky Department of Education in support of the county’s preschools and childcare centers.

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  Owensboro Health is beginning a new partnership with the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center that will focus on sharing research and resources for clinical trials. Under the agreement, cancer patients being treated at Owensboro Health’s Mitchell Center won’t have to travel to participate in clinical trials.

Five billion dollars in outstanding private student loan debt may be forgiven because of poor record keeping by financial companies, an investigation by The New York Times found this week.

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  After more than a month of speculation, the U of L Foundation fired Chief Financial Officer Jason Tomlinson on Tuesday.

Mitch Daniels went from running the state of Indiana, as its two-term Republican governor, to running its top flight public university, Purdue University, based in West Lafayette.

Hello! No shortage of education headlines even in the height of summer for our weekly roundup.

DeVos meets with "men's rights" groups on campus sexual assault

University of Tennessee at Martin

University of Tennessee at Martin Chancellor Keith Carver is on a state team leading an effort to increase four-year college completion rates.