E. coli

Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge, via fws.gov

  Nonprofit group Friends of Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge is trying to figure out how best to clean up Marshall County’s Chestnut Creek Watershed and wants the public’s help.

The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet is warning swimmers and boaters to stay away from several streams and tributaries in Eastern Kentucky.

The waterways are contaminated with E.coli bacteria, which comes from human and animal waste.

The problem is so extensive that the swimming advisories have been expanded to include all of Kentucky’s lakes and rivers after heavy rainfall.


Some regional markets are included in the United States Department of Agriculture's list of stores that might have received ground beef shipments contaminated with E. coli.


Kentucky’s Division of Water is asking residents using private wells for drinking water to participate in a study to determine whether domestic wells are being affected by human-influenced pollution or events of nature.