Dr. David Whaley

4:12 pm
Wed June 19, 2013

Disputed Teacher Prep Report Gives Murray State Low Scores

Credit NCTQ

A National Council on Teacher Equality report has caused a stir in higher education.

Murray State University’s College of Education Dean David Whaley like many teaching trainers in higher education is taking the NCTQ’s report with more than just a grain of salt. He says the group did not conduct any interviews with students or visit classrooms in their research of more than 600 institutions.

“I have to tell you NCTQ collected this information off of, it was merely a paper screening and primarily off of course syllabi,” he says. “And, you know, with course syllabi you can’t always put everything you want to do or plan to do within a course.”

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Meet and Greet
12:08 pm
Thu October 4, 2012

MSU's New College of Education Dean on Planning for the Future

David Whaley
Murray State

Murray State’s new College of Education Dean, David Whaley, has more than 30 years of education experience and comes  to MSU from Iowa State University where he served as associate dean of teacher education. Whaley sits down with Chad Lampe to discuss the path to MSU, an upcoming legislative committee meeting at MSU and his goals for the college.