Donnie Holland

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Kentucky parks officials say three state resort parks will temporarily close some operations this winter to allow renovations to be completed.

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Kentucky state parks officials say they're looking for alternative recreational uses for two nine-hole golf courses.

Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet

Kentucky’s state park system is in need of $240 million dollars in repairs according to state Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Secretary Don Parkinson. In an effort to address safety and aesthetic issues, Parkinson and Kentucky State Parks commissioner Donnie Holland unveiled plans today to spend $3.7 million on repairs, upgrades and fresh coats of paint at four western parks. 

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Donnie Holland of Cadiz will be Kentucky’s next Commissioner of the Department of Parks.

Journey Story: Donnie Holland

Mar 1, 2012

My family settled Between the Rivers in the 1790’s, and left in July 1968.  My grandparents on each side of the family lost their homes twice to government projects. I was attending Murray State and still living with my parents when our home was taken by force,  bulldozed and buried.  My grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins homes were all taken, pits were bulldozed near the homes and all outbuildings and all signs of humanity pushed into the holes and buried as if they  had never existed.  The church my great grandfather helped found, was buried in a pit.