2:12 pm
Wed October 23, 2013

Datebook: October 23 - The Smurfs Debut

The loveable blue creatures first appeared in the Spirou comics magazine on this day in 1958. Belgian cartoonist Peyo came up with the word "Schtroumpf" while eating with a colleague and couldn't remember the word for salt. Pass the schtroumpf please!

It’s Wednesday, Oct. 23

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10:20 am
Tue October 22, 2013

Datebook: October 22 - The Met Opens

On this day in 1883, The Metropolitan Opera House opened with a performance of Charles Gounod's Faust, starring Christina Nilsson. It was a major success, with some of its first subscribers including members of the Morgan, Roosevelt, and Vanderbilt families. Today The Met has an annual budget of $325 million.

It’s Tuesday, Oct. 22

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10:56 am
Mon October 21, 2013

Datebook: October 21 - The Valentich Disappearance

Around 7:12 pm on this day in 1978, Frederick Valentich flew a small plane over the Bass Strait in Australia. Before losing contact with air traffic control, he reported that a strange aircraft began hovering over him. Valentich and his plane have never been found.

It’s Monday, Oct. 21

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10:30 am
Fri October 18, 2013

Datebook: October 18 - International Necktie Day

The modern necktie might be traced back to the Thirty Years' War when Croatian mercenaries were seen wearing small neckerchiefs, which interested Parisians. Thus, the world "cravat" emerged, and so did the fashionable garment. Have a dapper day!

It’s Friday, Oct. 18

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10:33 am
Thu October 17, 2013

Datebook: October 17 - Taipei 101 Becomes Tallest Building 10 Years Ago

Surpassing the Petronas Towers, Taiwan's Taipei 101 was the tallest building until the Burj Khalifa was completed in Dubai in 2010. The building has 101 stories, and tops out at 1,669.9 feet. The project cost $1.8 billion and the 101 is LEED Platinum certified for energy efficiency. 

It’s Thursday, Oct. 17

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11:51 am
Wed October 16, 2013

Datebook: October 16 - Disney Company Founded 90 Years Ago


Walt and Roy Disney sign a contract to produce the series "Alice Comedies," based on Alice in Wonderland, on this day in 1923, under the name Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, founding the company. Coincidentally, Marie Antoinette got the guillotine on this day 220 years ago... Off with her head!

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11:10 am
Tue October 15, 2013

Datebook: October 15 - Hunley Sinks 150 Years Ago

The Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley played a small role in the Civil War, but was significant in naval warfare as the first to sink a ship. On this day, however, it sank in a training exercise, killing its inventor Horace Hunley. Its wreck was found off the coast of South Carolina in the 1970s, valued at $40 million.

It’s Tuesday, Oct. 15

There’s a regular monthly meeting of the Pennyrile Grandparent Support Group tomorrow morning at 10 at the Pennyrile Area Development District Office in Hopkinsville. For more information, contact Miranda Hunt at 270-886-9484.

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10:35 am
Mon October 14, 2013

Datebook: October 14 - Cubs Win the World Series 105 Years Ago

The longest championship drought of any major North American professional sports team, the Chicago Cubs beat the Detroit Tigers on this day in 1908 and it would be their last World Series win, though they played in the series 8 other times. Ask any Chicagoan, they'll say it's the curse of the billy goat. 

It’s Monday, October 14

River City Ghost Tours at Oak Grove Cemetery are this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Hear tales of triumph and tragedy, including the North and South facing off during the Battle of Paducah. Market House Theatre guides lead the tours. For more information, visit

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9:49 am
Thu October 10, 2013

Datebook: October 10 - Verdi Turns 200

Giuseppe Verdi was an Italian Romantic composer, best known for his works including Rigoletto, La Traviata, Don Carlo, and Falstaff. He dominated the Italian scene post Bellini and Rossini, and still does, despite critics who say his work lacks refinement, which is perhaps the very thing that makes it persevere.

It’s Thursday, Oct. 10

There’s an ACT Prep Workshop at the Murray State University Paducah Regional Campus on Saturday, October 19, from 9AM to 1PM. The four-hour workshop covers parts of the test, scoring, sample questions, and tips, with an in-depth focus on the math portion. The cost of the workshop is $55. Preregister at

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9:27 am
Tue October 8, 2013

Datebook: October 8 - Ken Warby Sets Water Speed Record 35 Years Ago

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Faster than a speeding fish, Australian motorboat racer Ken Warby holds the water speed record of 317.60 miles per hour, set on this day in 1978. He built his boat Spirit of Australia in his backyard out of wood, fiberglass, and a jet engine. The sport has a fatality rate of 85%.

It’s Tuesday, October 8

Murray-Calloway County Hospital's Wellness Works program offers a free community health screening Thursday morning from 6-9 at the MCCH Center for Health and Wellness, 716 Poplar St. A free lipid panel includes total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL. Twelve-hour fast required. For more information, call 270-762-1348.

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