10:32 am
Thu October 25, 2012

Datebook: October 25 - Minnie Pearl Turns 100

Happy 100th birthday to country comedienne Minnie Pearl, who appeared at the Grand Ole Opry for more than 50 years, and on Hee Haw for 22 years! Thanks for decades of laughs from Nashville and for contributing so much to breast cancer awareness. Howww-DEEEEE!

It’s Thursday, October 25

There’s a Zombies vs. Superheroes 3-mile walk and fun run Saturday morning at Kentucky Dam Village State Park.  Prizes are awarded for scariest, most creative, cutest, and all-around best costumes.  Registration starts at 10 at the Kentucky Dam Village Beach Parking Lot, and the run/walk starts at 11. Proceeds support CASA of Calloway and Marshall Counties.

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10:41 am
Wed October 24, 2012

Datebook: October 24 - Houdini's Final Performance 86 Years Ago

Famous escape artist Harry Houdini arrived at the Garrick Theater on this day in 1926 with a fever of 104, and despite being diagnosed with appendicitis, and having been punched in the stomach several times by an over-eager art student, he took to the stage. He died of peritonitis due to a ruptured appendix a week later, on Halloween.

It’s Wednesday, October 24

The Murray State University Symphony Orchestra presents its first full concert of the fall semester tomorrow evening at 7:30 in Lovett Auditorium.  The program features compositions by Holst, Gordon Jacob, and Tchaikovsky.  For more information, call 809-4288.

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11:00 am
Tue October 23, 2012

Datebook: October 23 - The Smurfs Debut 54 Years Ago

On this day in 1958, those loveable blue dwarves appeared for the first time in La flute à six schtroumpfs, a Belgian comic by cartoonist Peyo. Standing three-apples high, the smurfberry munching creatures often smurfed to the smurf to smurf the smurfing Gargamel and his cat Azrael. Some critics have called the cartoon an example of socialism or totalitarianism in Europe. We call it a smurfing good time.

It’s Tuesday, October 23

Market House Theatre in Paducah offers Oak Grove Cemetery Tours this weekend.  Take a guided tour of the cemetery and hear stories of triumph and tragedy told by those who dwell there.  Tours leave from the cemetery office at 7 and 8 o’clock on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.  For reservations, call 444-6828.

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9:38 am
Mon October 22, 2012

Datebook: October 22 - 1st Recorded Parachute Jump 215 Years Ago

Wikimedia Commons

Andre-Jacques Garnerin invented the frameless parachute, but he proved he was more than just full of hot air when he descended 3,000 feet in a silk parachute from a hot air balloon, into a crowd of spectators in Parc Monceau. He landed unharmed minus a few scrapes and the crowd literally fell in love.

It’s Monday, October 22

Learn everything needed to make homemade pasta at tomorrow night’s “Simply Anita” cooking class, to be held at 6PM in the WKCTC Anderson Technical Building.  Topics include making basic pasta dough, using a pasta machine, and cutting and drying various types of pasta.  Register by calling 534-3335.

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10:29 am
Fri October 19, 2012

Datebook: October 19 - Auguste Lumiere Turns 150

Wikimedia Commons

Happy birthday to one half of the Lumiere brothers, the earliest filmmakers in history. Auguste and Louis patented the process of moving film through a camera and projector, showing their first film in 1895, of workers leaving their factory. Unfortunately, Louis felt "the cinema is an invention without any future."

It’s Friday, October 19

Local musicians team up against cancer during the Rockin’ For Research Festival, beginning tomorrow afternoon at 2 at Hudson Toyota Chrysler of Madisonville.  Hear music from Eddie Pennington, the Pat Ballard Band, the Alonzo Pennington Band, and the Boscoe France Band.  The event is free and open to the public; donations benefit cancer awareness.

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9:48 am
Thu October 18, 2012

Datebook: October 18 - Formal Transfer of Alaska 145 Years Ago

Oh, William Seward... you folly fool. The Secretary of State was the laughingstock of the nation when he purchased Alaska from Russia in March of 1867, little did anyone know that the land was rich in gold, copper, and oil. The transfer ceremony was held on this day 145 years ago. Russians went home, Americans moved in. They couldn't pay me to live there!

It’s Thursday, October 18

The voice faculty of Murray State University presents “The Way We Were” tonight at 7:30 in the Performing Arts Hall.  Performers include Sonya Baker, Randall Black, Tana Field, Chris Mitchell, Hope Fairchild Thacker, and pianist Mee Youn Park.  The repertoire includes songs the faculty members originally performed on their own undergraduate recitals.  Admission is free.

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2:00 pm
Wed October 17, 2012

Datebook: October 17 - Evel Knievel turns 74

Bill Wolf/Sean, Wikimedia Commons

America's legendary daredevil would be 74 today. Evel Knievel (1938-2007) earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for "most bones broken in a lifetime" (35). On motorcycles he jumped over cars, buses, trucks, rattlesnakes, sharks, fountains, and canyons, into America's TV sets. He said, "I did everything by the seat of my pants. That's why I got hurt so much."

It’s Wednesday, October 17

Market House Theatre presents the last Lantern-Lit Ghost Tour of the season on Friday.  Hear chilling legends of Paducah’s past during the lantern-lit walking tour, from dreadful doings at Devil’s Half Acre to riverside witch burnings.  Groups leave at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30.  Make reservations by calling 444-6828.

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10:44 am
Tue October 16, 2012

Datebook: October 16 - Cuban Missile Crisis Begins 50 Years Ago

Wikimedia Commons

The Cuban Missile Crisis began on this day in 1962, a confrontation between the Soviet Union & Cuba and the US - a major moment in the Cold War. Cuban and Soviet governments began building secret nuclear missile bases with the ability to strike most of the US. It was diffused with agreements to never invade Cuba and that missiles on both sides would be dismantled.

It’s Tuesday, October 16

Little Shop of Horrors opens this weekend at Murray’s Playhouse in the Park.  A floral assistant becomes an overnight sensation with the help of an ill-tempered, R&B singing carnivorous plant.  Shows are Friday and Saturday at 7PM and Sunday at 2:30.  Reserve tickets by calling the Playhouse at 759-1752.

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11:30 am
Mon October 15, 2012

Datebook: October 15 - First Car Breaks the Sound Barrier 15 Years Ago

ThrustSSC at Coventry Transport Museum
Cmglee, Wikimedia Commons

On this day in 1997, the ThrustSSC (Supersonic Car) set the land speed record, achieving 763 miles per hour, officially breaking the sound barrier. This came exactly 50 years after Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier with the Bell X-1 research rocket plane in 1947. Anything to shorten the commute!

It’s Monday, October 15

The Calloway County Extension Office offers a one-day rain garden workshop on Wednesday from noon to 6 at the Chestnut Street Park Pavilion.  The workshop format provides both classroom and hands-on instruction for creating a rain garden.  The cost is $15, and lunch is provided.  To register, call 753-1452.

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10:13 am
Fri October 12, 2012

Datebook: October 12 - Pledge of Allegiance First Recited 120 Years Ago

Students pledge to the flag, 1899.
Wikimedia Commons

The Pledge of Allegiance was composed by Francis Bellamy in 1892, and adopted by Congress in 1942. Public schools were the first to use the pledge on this day in 1892, Columbus Day, coinciding with the opening of the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. All together now!

It’s Friday, October 12

St. John’s Episcopal Church hosts the Blessing of the Animals Sunday afternoon at 4 in the Memorial Garden.  The community is invited to bring pets on leashes or in cages to receive individual blessings from the rector of St. John’s.  You can also bring a photo if your animal doesn’t like crowds or is unwell.  Refreshments are provided for pets and people following the service.

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