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Kentucky’s 2nd District State Representative is, for the fourth time, introducing legisaltion to lift the statewide nuclear ban.  

Gerald Watkins’ pre-filed bill would end the decades-old moratorium and add Kentucky to the list of nuclear-power generating states.  

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Kentucky Senate Majority Leadership members are holding their annual retreat in Paducah this year. 

The retreat will allow Senate Republicans a chance to discuss and prepare agenda and priorities for the upcoming legislative session in January.  

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The launch of a state public benefit system has drawn criticism from a bipartisan group of Kentucky lawmakers. 

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Significant public pension debt has led to consternation among state officials during the almost-completed General Assembly session. 

Bill Defining 'Bullying' Clears House Committee, Advances

Mar 23, 2016
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A bill aimed at establishing a statewide definition of bullying in Kentucky's public schools is headed toward the state House after clearing a committee. 

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The Senate has passed a bill aiming to lift restrictions on the building of nuclear reactors in the Commonwealth.  

SB 89 changes requirements for facilities to have plans of permanent nuclear waste disposal on-site.  


A bill seeking to establish a statewide definition of bullying in Kentucky public schools is headed to a vote in the full senate.  

SB 228 unanimously cleared the Senate Education Committee today (Thursday).


The lone dissenter of a Kentucky bill that would establish a statewide definition of bullying says the legislation is too broad. Kentucky's State House passed HB 316 last week.

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Legislation seeking to establish a statewide definition for bullying in schools has passed the state House.  

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Efforts to provide civil protections for people who break into vehicles to rescue a child or pet are detailed in two bills moving through the state senate.  

Both passed out of the judiciary committee last week.