Dr. Brian Clardy

Murray, KY – Vocalese is a style of jazz singing in which lyrics are written in place of a composition originally intended for musical instruments. Today, vocalese is popular with fans of artists like Kurt Elling and The Manhattan Transfer, but a jazz trio from the 50s popularized the style. Dr. Brian Clardy tells us why Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross stand out amongst the many sounds of jazz.

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River Walk

Aug 13, 2007

Murray, KY – The Ohio River is richly embedded in American History; because of its westward flow, it became the convenient means of transportation and food for 18th century settlers traveling from Pennsylvania. At one time it was considered an extension of the Mason Dixon line, it borders 14 states, and has the world record for the catch of the largest blue catfish weighing 104 pounds. Patience Renzulli takes a stroll along the riverfront in Paducah where she has a run-in with one of these monstrous fish.

Strange Fruit

Aug 7, 2007
Dr. Brian Clardy

Murray, KY – Protest music has been a popular and important part of American culture since the Revolutionary War. Songs like "God Save the Thirteen States" and "The Liberty Song" expressed a desire for change, and freedom from oppression. The 20th century surged with protest music from the Great Depression to the Vietnam War, but Dr. Brian Clardy tell us a story behind one of the most influential, and controversial protest songs of th 1920s; a song which planted the seeds for the Civil Rights Movement, decades before it came to fruition.

Dr. Brian Clardy

Murray, KY – Credited in over Twenty Five Hundred commercials and working with musicians from Duran Duran to Ramsey Lewis Jazz Trumpeter Orbert Davis is considered by many to be the hardest working man in jazz. He's arranged a Fifty-Five piece orchestra and expanded the jazz program at the University of Chicago. Dr. Brian Clardy talks about an inspiring CD by this Forty Four year old jazz maven.

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Dr. Brian Clardy

Murray, KY – Since its broadcast in 2001, Ken Burn's documentary miniseries on jazz has garnered mixed reviews by critics. While praised for his inclusion of rare video clips and excellent soundtrack, opposing critics say his premise favors the classical influence in modern jazz, rather than the fusion and free jazz movements. Dr. Brian Clardy talks about a particular example involving Dexter Gordon's album, Homecoming: Live at the Village Vanguard.

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Murray, KY – "The Bad Quarto" is the name of the fourth mystery novel in the series featuring college nurse turned detective Imogen Quy, by author Jill Patton Walsh. Following the controversial death of Professor Talentire, Quy becomes involved with an amateur theatrical production of a play titled "The Bad Quarto." Hear what mystery novel expert Michael Cohen thinks about this academic whodunit.

I Remember Ray Brown

Jul 11, 2007
Dr. Brian Clardy

Murray, KY – Dizzy Gillespie said "Ray Brown played the strongest, most fluid and imaginative bass lines in modern jazz." A quote such as this summarizes Brown's expansive, nearly six-decade career, collaborating with superstars like Charlie Parker, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, any many others. Dr. Brian Clardy remembers his first hand experience with Ray Brown, days before Brown's sudden death in 2002.

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Craig Morris

Jul 9, 2007

Murray, KY – From inventor Nathan B. Stubblefield to anecdotist and Navy Chaplain Howell Maurice Forgy, Calloway County has been home for many historic intellectuals. Commentator Martin Booth Tracy talks about how one Murray native by the name of Edward Craig Morris stayed true to his Kentucky roots while curating for the American Museum of Natural History in New York and excavating the Andean Mountains of Peru.

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Murray, KY – With the bloody Civil War finished, Author James L. Swanson tells us, Abraham Lincoln was "jubilant." But not all was jubilant for Actor and Activist, John Wilkes Booth. After the infamous assassination on April 14th, 1865, Booth ran for his life in what Swanson calls "A Twelve Day Manhunt." Hear what mystery novel expert Michael Cohen thinks about this "murder most foul!"

Murray, KY – Imagine how strange and frightening it would be to see yourself, not quite a year old, with your mother and two men, one of whom is a confessed serial killer. This is what happened to author Sebastian Junger and is only a small part of what he recounts in "A Death in Belmont." Hear what mysery novel expert Michael Cohen thinks about this Boston thriller.