Murray, KY – There's nothing like a warm Christmas corpse to chill your bones in the holiday season. That's what the artisans of the Bruel House in Grammercy Park must deal with in Margaret Maron's novel, Corpus Christmas. Commentator Michael Cohen says this artsy mystery will have you guessing until the end.

Murray, KY – If you're looking for a good mystery novel to curl up with by the fire this holiday season, commentator Michael Cohen suggests you take a stab at Patricia Moyes' novel Season of Snows and Sins. This uncommon mystery for the holidays takes place in the Swiss Alps during a Christmas vacation - gone wrong.

Murray, KY – Got that holiday itch but not quite sure how to scratch it? Commentator Michael Cohen suggests taking a stab at Henry Kisor's (Ky-zehr's) novel Season's Revenge: A Christmas Mystery. This uncommon mystery for the holidays features a Native American detective investigating an unusual murder in northern Michigan.

Murray, KY – I'll bet you missed it.

There it was: one of the most important observances in American history, and you overlooked the whole thing making potato salad for the Labor Day picnic.

I celebrated August 26th I'm proud to say, and no matter who you are, you should have been setting off fireworks or otherwise disturbing the peace of the neighborhood.

First Memories

Oct 5, 2008

Murray, KY – Most people remember events from the age of four or five. Some much later. My wife is a member of an elite number who have very early memories. She can clearly recall, as an infant, lying outdoors in her pram on a sunny day, looking up at the trees. And today she can even describe in detail what she was wearing then.

Riding Tiny

Oct 5, 2008

Murray, KY – In the picture, my sister Alice Jane and I are perched atop a fat pinto pony with silver studded halter and harness. On the stirrup are the pony's name, Tiny, and the date, 1941. Tiny belonged to a traveling photographer who walked Louisville's neighborhoods snapping pictures of smiling youngsters right in front of their houses. In the background is my Grandmother Schroeder's house. We lived there. Alice Jane was five. I was only two, but I remember the whole experience.

The Pruitt Sisters

Oct 5, 2008

Murray, KY – I've already told you a little bit about Aunt Bell and Aunt Emma Pruitt. You know, the two spinster ladies who lived next door to Grandma Schroeder? The ones who were not really my aunts and who made me afraid of dogs? And how they calmed me down by feeding me cold, homemade biscuits?