Murray, KY – We continue storyteller Robert Valentine's series of new perspectives on classic Christmas tales. This week's story is about a caravan taking in a weary couple on their winter journey through the desert. This is the second story in his three part series, titled "For Unto You "

"There's a man on the road!"

The boy trotted up, pulling the donkey to a halt beside Benjamin, who sat high atop his camel.

Murray, KY – Dick Maddox wrote and voiced "The Christmas Circus." The storyteller lives in Murray and sometimes helps his spouse, an educator in Trigg Country, by impersonating the jolly old gentleman of the story for children in her classes. The Christmas Circus originally aired on WKMS in 2006 and is re-posted here for the holiday season.

Murray, KY – The winter holiday season is a special time for all, often evoking reverence and good-will. Commentator and professional storyteller Robert Valentine shares a new perspective on a classic Christmas story about a carpenter in urgent need of a donkey. This is the first in a three part series, titled "For Unto You "

"Well, not that one; that's a certain thing!"

Murray, KY – As the weather gets colder many turn their attention indoors, to good food, drink and a few good reads. This is not unlike the usual interests of famous fictional detective, Commissaire Maigret, the lead character in George Simenon's long-running series. Commentator Michael Cohen peaks through the pages of one of his books.

Murray, KY – Literary critics can't help comparing Jedediah Berry's debut mystery novel, The Manual of Detection to the works of Franz Kafka, Jorge Louis Borges or Ray Bradberry. One could argue the case for these comparisons simply because the book is difficult to define in its originality. Commentator Michael Cohen addresses this conundrum as he peaks through the pages of this cerebral, absurdist Uncommon Mystery.

Murray, KY – Have you ever loved a story or a book so much that you've imagined the characters to be real? What if they literally became real? Author Karen Joy Fowler blurs this line between fiction and reality in her latest novel, Wit's End, in which the protagonist takes residence in the home of a famous mystery writer and finds herself to be the subject of fanatical blog posts. Commentator Michael Cohen peaks through the pages of this humorous and transformative Uncommon Mystery.

MURRAY, KY – We have a well-entertained electorate.

There has never been so many people with so many ways to amuse themselves than Americans today. John Lennon is quoted as saying that life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. Sometimes I think life is what happens when we're busy being entertained.

Murray, KY – You know the saying, "April showers bring May flowers." April is the first full month of spring and for many it evokes a spirited new beginning, for others: RAIN. Commentator Robert Valentine gives April a proverbial umbrella and says, it's not the "cruelest month," it's the "coolest month."

April is the cruelest month,
Lilacs out of the dead land,
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

Murray, KY – The Easter miracle is a vital, and some would say indispensable, part of Christian doctrine. As Easter Sunday approaches, commentator and Murray State history professor Dr. Joe Fuhrmann asks believers and non-believers to take a moment to consider what happened on that day.

Easter is a special time for Christians.