Murray, KY – Mystery fans recently celebrated the 90th birthday of award-winning novelist P.D. James (August 3). James is most famous for her iconic poet-policeman Adam Dalgliesh. Her most recent book, published in 2009, is a work of literary cricitism, titled Talking about Detective Fiction. Fellow mystery critic Michael Cohen peeks through the pages of this "entertaining" analysis of the genre.

Murray, KY – For television fanatics, the summer months can be long, grueling and disorienting. While production companies ready their fall season line-ups, viewers are left with a seemingly endless stream of re-runs. As an antidote for this summer affliction, Commentator Doctor Brian Clardy recommends turning to television shows of the past, and digs out a classic British series about an eccentric barrister named Horace Rumpole.

A scene from Rumpole of the Bailey - "Taming the Bull"

Murray, KY – Last Friday, SyFy welcomed viewers to Haven, a new television series based on the based on the Stephen King novel, The Colorado Kid. The publisher of that book and one of the producers for the series is Charles Ardai, the award-winning writer who penned The Good Neighbor Policy, a poem written in double dactyl form. It might just be the only criminal case in mystery in history written with such complicated commitment. Mystery fan Michael Cohen peeks through the pages.

Murray, KY – If you went to the county fair, or almost any other event last Fourth of July, you probably heard at least one rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Commentator Robert Valentine says he loves America's anthem as much as anyone here in the Land of the Free, but he does take umbrage when singers needlessly dress it up on the stage.

Murray, KY – Many folks have made it their tradition to celebrate Independence Day with relatives close and distant. If you're one of those distant relatives, that means traveling home for the holiday. Commentator and Poet Constance Alexander recently visited her childhood home of Metuchen, New Jersey and observed, as you may this weekend, that over many years, some things have changed and some things have stayed the same.

Murray, KY – Commentator Michael Cohen peeks through the pages of Moth, an uncommon mystery by James Sallis about an existential detective investigating the death of an old love on New Orleans' mean streets.

Murray, KY – The International Mystery Writers Festival is about to get underway in Owensboro next week and if you plan on attending you may want to pick up a mystery novel or two, recommended by commentator Michael Cohen. This week, he peeks through the pages of The Third Encounter, by Sara Woods, who herself was a member of many mystery writer societies. This uncommon mystery features British barrister Antony Maitland on the case involving an old friend, who has been murdered.

Murray, KY – Whether it's a wedding reception or the Academy Awards, the Master of Ceremonies often plays a critical role, and they come in varying species and levels of quality. Robert Valentine hosts this commentary on the types, tasks, and hazards of the emcee.

Well, we have come to that portion of the calendar reserved for such items as graduation, weddings, end-of-the-fiscal year meetings, and annual golf outings disguised as end-of-the-fiscal year meetings.

Heaven help us.

Murray, KY – This uncommon mystery was written by Christopher Morley, born 120 years ago this month. Don't fear digging through the library stacks for this one, The Haunted Bookshop is available online for free and there's more to its name than frightening ghosts.