Murray, KY – Scott Ellison spends an idyllic afternoon on Kentucky Lake in this week's FLW Fishing Report. The tale of a sunny day, a powerful boat and some hungry bass.

Scott Ellison is a lifelong fisherman and FLW Outdoors College Fishing Promotinos Manager.


Murray, KY – President Barack Obama on Thursday (May 19, 2011) outlined what White House officials called a "major address" on foreign policy in the Middle East, which included U.S. support for a future Palestinian state based on borders that existed before 1967. Response has ranged from "just more political slogans" to "good enough." Commentator and foreign policy analyst Dr. Brian Clardy asks for specifics, and poses five key and critical questions to President Obama in this open letter.

Murray, KY – It's time for our weekly glimpse at what's happening in and on our lakes. This week we'll learn about how flooding has made it possible to catch some fish where it's usually dry ground.

Scott Ellison here with the FLW Outdoors Weekly Fishing Report

Murray, KY – It's time for our weekly glimpse at how to catch fish around here. This time, it's about finding and hooking catfish, panfish, and bass in our flood-swollen lakes.

Scott Ellison here with the FLW Outdoors Weekly Fishing Report.

Murray, KY – Caution is the current watchword for boaters on Kentucky Lake as high water carries dangerous floating debris. But soon it'll be a dandy time for bass fishing as we learn with this week's FLW Outdoors Fishing Report.

Scott Ellison here with the FLW Outdoors Fishing Report.

Murray, KY – Now that the sun's come back and summer break is just over the horizon for Murray State students, maybe vacation is on your mind Why not get started on your summer reading list? Commentator and mystery novel enthusiast Michael Cohen shares a quick uncommon mystery by award-winning writer Laura Lippman, titled The Girl in the Green Raincoat, about Baltimore P.I. Tess Monaghan and a young woman in a green raincoat who walks her dog at the same time every day until things go terribly wrong.

Murray, KY – So are you up on your zoom brush hogs, sexy shad spoons and curly-tailed jigs? Learn more with the FLW Outdoors Fishing Report!

Next the FLW Outdoors Fishing Report, but first a disclaimer: this commentary contains language, like "lipless crankbaits," that may be puzzling to non-anglers.

Murray, KY – On March 20, Florida pastor Terry Jones held a self-styled mock trial in which he burned a Quran at his church in Orlando. The desecration sparked a wave of protests in Afghanistan, which left dozens dead. Commentator Richard Nelson says the book burning is troubling, but pales in comparison to the violent response overseas, where the freedom of speech and the right to articulate opinions are not respected.

Murray, KY – It's been 6 Months since the last of 33 Chilean Miners were rescued from a Copper Mine. The world was captivated by the amazing determination of the miners and the rescuers efforts. Kentucky Supreme Court Justice, Judge Bill Cunningham has this take on the human conditions surrounding the sometimes unfathomable feats achieved by humans.

Murray, KY – Navigational rules make our lakes safer. U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary member Alan Wade reflects on what boaters need to learn before hitting the lakes.