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A group of concerned citizens congregated in Paducah’s Noble Park on Sunday to recognize the recent spates of violence and racial tension across the country and try to find common ground.

The Concert Rally for Peace drew a crowd of more than 50 to the park’s amphitheatre for music, poetry and to bridge differences of opinion.

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The employee of the month at a coffee shop in Paducah isn’t your typical bird. He makes his own schedule and is often difficult to locate, but he is willing to work seven days a week. So how did Titan, become king of the coop?

Nearly 1,000 volunteers from around Western Kentucky are building a community playground in Paducah this week.

Silent Brigade Distillery

There must be something in the water in Paducah, because in less than two years three different businesses have opened to brew alcohol; the trend began with beer, this time the business is bourbon. 

City of Paducah

The City of Paducah is getting a upgrade to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software after more than 20 years. The Paducah Board of Commissioners approved the upgrade Tuesday for a more than $2,686,000 contract with Tyler Technologies.

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What was once just an alley space now serves as an art pocket park for inspiration, reflection and relaxation. Paducah Mayor Gayle Kaler says the idea to utilize small spaces came to her three years ago. Friday, 117 ½ South 2nd Street in Lowertown is officially open as the Market Square Art Park.

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Paducah is one of the best places in America to retire to, according to a national magazine.

“Where to Retire” magazine finds more than 700,000 Americans relocate to new towns to retire every year.  

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A non-profit group crowd-sourcing ideas for reduced carbon dioxide emissions will hold a public forum in Paducah tonight.

Brandi Harless for Mayor & Gayle Kaler for Mayor, Facebook

The two female candidates for Paducah Mayor carried the non-partisan election results in the Kentucky primary. Brandi Harless had the most support with 2,177 votes. Incumbent Mayor Gayle Kaler was slightly behind with 1,816 votes. Kaler says she is not surprised that she and Harless are the two candidates moving on to the general election.

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Incumbents pulled the highest vote totals of the twelve primary candidates for Paducah City Commission.  The top 8 will move on to the general election.