christmas tree

Kentucky Christmas tree growers can face a variety of challenges, both on the farm and in the marketplace. In addition to weather, weeds, and threats of disease, the state's soil is suitable for only certain types of Christmas trees.  Marla Jackson, Office Manager at Hutton and Lloyd Tree Farm says customers also tend to want taller trees.  "The larger tree, the eight to 10 to 12 foot is now pretty much, there's about as many people buying the larger trees as there are the small trees," said Jackson.

Marshall Co. Students' Ornaments to Hang in D. C.

Nov 23, 2012

Christmas tree ornaments created by Marshall County students will hang on Kentucky’s tree in the 2012 National Christmas Tree display. Each state has a tree in the President’s Park in Washington D. C. Students from South Marshall Middle School, Benton Middle School and Marshall County High School created ornaments inspired by Kentucky’s outdoors, its history and traditions, and the Kentucky Derby.