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Christian County Public Schools is receiving more than $4.2 million in the second round of Work Ready Skills Initiative funding. 

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  Christian County Public Schools will receive a $1 million grant over the next five years from the Department of Defense Education Activity.

The Christian County Chamber of Commerce has conducted a study to project the effects of a proposed reduction of 16,000 troops by the U.S. Army and compare it to the Army’s Supplemental Programmatic Environmental Assessment, and the Chamber says the economic impact would be devastating.


After a lengthy investigation, the Christian County Board of Education is currently taking steps to comply with recommendations to correct racial discrimination in Christian County Public Schools' discipline application.

Christian County Struggles to Replace Schools

Nov 26, 2012

Two Christian County elementary schools are about to turn 50, the age that marks the time for replacing facilities. Christian County Public School facilities director Dan Damron says the district adheres to a 50-year policy for its buildings. The state mandates a school’s structure must last at least 30 years, but after that time the district can make no major renovations. They can only maintain the current structure. Damron says it is often cheaper to replace a school than to maintain it.

Christian County Schools

The Christian County School District has selected Mary Ann Gemmill  as its new superintendent. Board of Education members made the decision Wednesday night.

Christian County Could Name New Superintendent

Jun 6, 2012

Christian County schools could have a new superintendent this week. The County Board of Education released a statement yesterday saying it will hold a special meeting tomorrow.