"All of us have areas in our life where we recognize that maybe what we're doing isn't exactly how we want to live," says Murray State Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Michael Bordieri. Talking about change can be tricky and helping motivate or encouraging change in others can be difficult, but there are effective ways to motivate change in others. Dr. Bordieri speaks with Kate Lochte on Sounds Good about motivational interviewing, and how listening can be an effective intervention.

Kentucky’s junior Republican U.S. senator says he’s interested in running for president in 2016. Rand Paul tells ABC News he’s not going to deny that he’s interested. Paul tells ABC the Republican Party needs to change, but not what he calls the party's core message of encouraging economic growth to generate government revenue. Paul says the Republican Party needs to consider some different ideas that include allowing states to make decisions on the legalization of marijuana and taking a more moderate approach on immigration.