12:46 pm
Wed May 13, 2015

How Could Kentucky Farmers Use Drones?

Credit Dkroetsch, Wikimedia Commons

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved a drone large enough to carry and spray fertilizers and pesticides on crops, but a Kentucky crop duster says it’s unlikely farmers here will use them.

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4:27 pm
Fri January 24, 2014

More Arctic Weather for Kentucky Next Week Causing Stress for Livestock Farmers

Credit Franzfoto, Wikimedia Commons

Kentuckians should prepare for yet another round of Arctic-like weather early next week. That's the opinion of University of Kentucky Agricultural Meteorologist Matt Dixon. Dixon says, while the Commonwealth has already experienced a couple shots of frigid weather this winter, the longer term outlook appears to be chilly as well.

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1:49 pm
Mon September 24, 2012

Drought Means Less Hay for Cattle Feed

Wikimedia Commons

This summer’s drought caused a significant decrease in grass hay production, which many cattle farmers rely on for feed.

The dry weather cut hay production by two-thirds, raising prices $15 to $20 per ton, says Caldwell County Extension Agent Shane Bogle. 

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Morning Cram
9:45 am
Thu August 16, 2012

morning cram [Sudanese cattle-rustlin' edition]

"The distance from our lands to Murle lands is a five-day walk," Toonya says. "From there, when the battle starts, you might be running constantly for six hours, stealing cows and taking children and women."

Today on NPR: In South Sudan, a man's worth is measured by bovine wealth, and ever-increasing dowries are paid in cows. Cattle-rustling is an age-old problem. But recently, these raids have become markedly more violent, and the new nation is having difficulty stopping them.

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