Peeradach Rattanakoses, 123rf Stock Photo

The League of Women Voters of Hopkinsville-Christian County is sponsoring a candidate training seminar this month for people interested in running for office.

4,800 Candidates Seeking KY Elected Posts in 2014

Jan 29, 2014

It’s about 4 p.m. outside of the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office. Here, last-minute would-be senators, representatives, and judges are bottlenecking the doorway, spilling out into the hall and waiting to get their paperwork filled by a harried bevy of clerks. 

The Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office reports about 4,800 candidates are in the running for more than 300 races across the state as the deadline for candidates to file expired Tuesday. 

KY House Candidate Imes: a Constitutional Republican

Aug 14, 2012

5th District Candidate for Kentucky's House of Representatives Kenny Imes spoke last night at the opening of the Calloway County Republican Party headquarters. Imes previously served 4 terms as a state representative from 1972 to 79- during which time he switched parties to join the GOP. He says that the switch was due to a change in the parties’ platforms, and that he has always held a strong constitutional stance when it comes to establishing his platform.