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Law enforcement in west Kentucky have been investigating a series of rumored threats against their respective school districts following the shooting at Marshall County High School on Tuesday.

Calloway County Sheriff

Authorities say a Hazel, Ky man has been arrested for suspected marijuana trafficking in Calloway County. 

Calloway County Sheriff's Office

Calloway County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a Hazel man last week after recovering two stolen cars and more than dozen guns at his residence.

Calloway County Sheriff's Office

Update Thursday 2/25: Missing Calloway County Woman Found Dead 

Update Tuesday 2/16 Evening: Arrest Warrant Issued for Missing Calloway County Woman Jennifer Hicks   

Update Tuesday, 2/16: In response to ongoing rumors, Calloway County Sheriff Sam Steger told the Murray Ledger & Times that officials don’t believe Hicks was abducted.  Nathan Baird with the Sheriff's Office also says there's no established connection between Hicks' disappearance and her job at Lake Chem Federal Credit Union in Murray.

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UPDATE: Preliminary results of the autopsies show Marisol Hernandez and Bulmaro Arellano died as a result of gunshot wounds. 

It is believed both children succumbed to smoke inhalation but further testing is being conducted for verification. 

Calloway County Sheriff's Office

Authorities say the driver of a Calloway County school bus has been treated for injuries sustained in a single-vehicle accident early this morning.  

Forty-nine-year-old Terrie Swift of Murray was preparing to start her route when a deer ran in front of the southbound bus on Radio Road at about 6:50 a.m. 

Calloway County Sheriff

With 54 percent of the vote, Sam Steger defeated incumbent William Marcum Tuesday night in the Calloway County Sheriff's race. Marcum has served as Calloway’s 61st sheriff since 2007. Steger says it was a tough campaign, made harder by his friendship with Marcum.


Calloway County Sheriff Bill Marcum announced Thursday that he plans to run for a third term.  He said the idea of not running again has never crossed his mind. 

Marcum has served as sheriff since 2007 but has been in Murray since 1973 when he helped set up the Murray-Calloway County Ambulance Service and was a deputy under Max Morris. 

Marcum said he’s proud of improving the office’s functionality, facilities and relations with other law enforcement departments.


The Calloway County Sheriff’s Office is on the lookout after a series of dog shootings around Hazel.

Capt. Richard Steen says county residents have officially reported only one case of animal cruelty, but the sheriff’s office has heard of at least three other incidents where the dogs were killed. Steen says the reported incident involved Joe Pat Elkins of Puryear Tennessee and his border collie Levi.