Cadiz Rotary

KYTC District 1, Facebook

The Cadiz Rotary Club is auctioning off a chance to blow up the old Lake Barkley Bridge during a radio auction. The opportunity comes after Governor Matt Bevin auctioned the demolition of the Capital Plaza Tower.

Please Note: We were only able to record the second half of this interview.  

Cadiz Rotary Auction Chair Dr. Shae Godwin updates us on the final day of the fundraiser seeking to raise $200,000 for the youth and senior citizens of Trigg County. Every year, Trigg County Rotarians raise money for youth and senior activities in the community, including the Trigg County Ambulance Service Toys for Tots, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Senior Nutritional Assistant Program, etc. Learn more about the auction and how to give at the Cadiz Rotary website.