3:42 pm
Mon January 5, 2015

HopTown Public Transit System Begins Passenger Service This Week

Credit hoptown.org/transit

Hopkinsville residents can now benefit from the city’s new public transit system. 

The system, Hopkinsville Transit, began its routes today. 

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6:44 am
Fri July 20, 2012

Roach Receives a One Year Sentence

Wikimedia Commons

The Carlisle County bus driver responsible for a 2011 crash that claimed the life of a six year old boy has been sentenced. 

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8:17 am
Fri March 2, 2012

Murray School Bus Crash

Murray police say no was hurt this morning in a crash involving a Murray city school bus and another vehicle. The accident occurred just after seven o’clock at the intersection of 16th Street and Lowes Drive. Authorities say crews are working to clear the intersection.