Boy Scouts

The Mormon church and the Boy Scouts of America have announced that they are ending their relationship, after more than 100 years of close ties.

Gregory Bourke, via WKYU

  A decision this week by the Boy Scouts of America to allow same-sex leaders has a Louisville man ready to serve.

Greg Bourke was the leader of his son’s troop for 11 years before he was forced out for being openly gay. That was three years ago.  This week, the organization ended its ban on gay adult leaders.  Bourke says it was time. 

The new executive director and CEO of the Blue Grass Council of the Boy Scouts of America is calling the controversy surrounding the impending decision on whether to allow gay members a “tipping point.”

The BSA recently postponed making a final ruling until May. James “Chip” Armishaw says that while he doesn’t have any personal opinions on the issue, he’s confident that when the time comes, the right decision will be made.