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A bill to require family members to sign a contract agreeing to proper disposal of powerful pain killers upon the death of a loved one is before the Kentucky House. 

Jenkins Advocates for Ethics Bill Next Session

Apr 18, 2014

Kentucky Representative Joni Jenkins says if a special legislative session is called for later this year, ethics reform should be on the agenda.

During the session, Jenkins filed an amendment to an unrelated bill that would reconfigure the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission, which has come under fire after it found former lawmaker John Arnold not guilty of sexual harassment charges, but the Senate didn’t take up that bill.

DUI legislatio​n pre-filed

Jul 6, 2012

A state lawmaker has pre-filed legislation for the 2013 session of the Kentucky General Assembly aimed at stiffening drunk driving laws. It’s not the first time the bill has been proposed.

On Thursday, dozens of laws passed in this year'’s legislative session will become active.