Bible Literacy

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The Kentucky Board of Education has unanimously approved "Bible literacy" standards for public schools after being challenged by the ACLU to keep Church and State separate, as required by the Constitution.

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McCracken County Public Schools is listed among a handful of districts in Kentucky the American Civil Liberties Union says offers ‘Bible literacy’ courses that may violate the Constitution.

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State education officials in Kentucky are seeking public input in developing Bible literacy standards for social studies courses in public schools.

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The Kentucky House has passed legislation aimed at creating elective Bible literacy courses in public schools.

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A contentious bill seeking to declare the Holy Bible the official book of Tennessee is headed back for a vote in the full state Senate.  

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Bible literacy would be offered as an elective social studies course in Kentucky public schools under a bill passed by the Senate Education Committee Thursday. Grayson Senator Robin Webb, a democrat and the bill’s sponsor, says the measure’s implications are historical, not biblical.