Attorney General Lisa Madigan

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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office says it collected nearly $1 billion revenue last year from settlements, fines and penalties.  

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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says she'll seek another term instead of running for governor next year.  Madigan says she's been considering the decision for months but she enjoys her current job.  She says mulled the gubernatorial run because of the need for effective management. 

However, she says one factor is in her decision is her father, House Speaker Michael Madigan. She says the state wouldn't be well-served with a governor and speaker from the same family. 

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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says the state will seek to recover damages from Apple Incorporated after a federal judge found the company violated antitrust laws.  A U.S. District Court judge in New York ruled Wednesday that Apple conspired with book publishers to raise electronic book prices significantly in spring 2010.  Madigan says Apple and the publishers forced book buyers to pay millions more for e-books than they would have otherwise.  She says Illinois will be one of 33 states and territories trying to recover damages in a second trial.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is asking the U.S. Supreme Court for more time to decide whether to appeal a lower court's order saying citizens should be allowed to publicly carry concealed guns.

Madigan already got one extension — until June 24 — to challenge the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that said a ban on concealed firearms is unconstitutional. Now she wants until July 24.

Madigan filed the request late Friday.


The U.S. Supreme Court has given Illinois' attorney general more time to decide whether to appeal their ruling that the state's ban on the public possession of firearms is unconstitutional.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan now has until June 24 to ask the high court to hear the case.


Illinois' 102 county recorders will split $3.3 million from the settlement of a national mortgage lawsuit. 

Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced the disbursement of funds on Wednesday.  Madigan and 45 other attorneys general reached the settlement with Florida-based Lender Processing Services Inc. in January. 

The attorneys general alleged the company used widespread "robo-signing" of mortgage documents to service loans for homeowners at risk of foreclosure. They said an LPS subsidiary took part in "surrogate signing," in which an unauthorized person signed documents in someone else's name. 


Illinois' Attorney General Lisa Madigan says the state generated more than $1.1 billion in revenue through litigation and collection efforts in 2012. That’s the largest annual amount collected in nearly a decade. More than half the money came from collections litigation, including funds from child support, damage to state property, unpaid educational loans, fines and penalties. The rest was split between tobacco litigation and estate tax revenues.


City officials throughout Illinois are urging the state to appeal a court decision that would throw out Illinois' ban on concealed carry weapons. A federal appeals court ruled earlier this week the state’s ban is unconstitutional. The court gave lawmakers 180 days to come up with a law legalizing concealed weapons.