Appropriations and Revenue Committee

Kentucky Transportation Bill Amended in Senate

Apr 20, 2012
Wikimedia Commons

The Kentucky Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee approved a $4.5 billion transportation budget but not before inserting language that would restore nearly $50 million for road construction projects previously vetoed by Governor Steve Beshear. The spending measure now advances to the Senate floor for a planned vote today. Appropriations and Revenue Committee Chairman Bob Leeper cited a "fit of conscience" for his push to put the $50 million in road projects back into the transportation budget.

A national animal rescue group wants strong punitive charges against a woman accused of animal abuse in Graves County. The Animal Rescue Corps sent a letter to Graves County Attorney, John Cunningham calling for heavy punishment of Shannon Lacewell. She stands accused of housing nearly 100 dogs in unsanitary conditions at her Wingo home. The ARC is requesting Lacewell be charged with a 2nd degree  misdemeanor  for each of the dogs found on the property in addition to a felony animal abuse charge.