Angela Lampe

One of the world's largest publishers of travel and tourism information has named Hazel, Kentucky among the top ten best antiquing towns in the U.S.  With around 400 residents, the Calloway County community sits just north of the Kentucky/Tennessee line. 

Fodor's Travel lists Hazel alongside other top antiquing destinations as Charleston, South Carolina, Clinton, Tennessee and Galena, Illinois.


A new 12,000-square-foot antique mall will open its doors Friday in Hazel, Ky. The opening is good news for the small town - which Mayor Kerry Vasseur calls "an antique Mecca" - because of multiple closures in recent years.

Austin Ramsey/WKMS News

With the close of the year’s major-league baseball season, and as ball fields lie dormant for a short winter hiatus, one local baseball fan isn’t quite done.

Bill Rayburn and his replica 1800s bat company will continue to fill orders and produce artisan baseball bats that represent different periods of America’s favorite pastime. Rayburn, in his  little workshop west of Murray makes a little piece of baseball history every day.

Rayburn really likes baseball, and he has ever since he was a kid.